What is the AlterG™?

The AlterG™ is the first FDA approved therapeutic treadmill that uses differential air pressure. It reduces the force of gravity on the mass of a runner or walker’s lower extremities.

The AlterG™ was developed for astronauts using NASA technology and was used as part of their exercise training programs to combat muscle atrophy.

The AlterG™ accelerates rehab
and athletic training.

The AlterG™’s exclusive unweighting technology provides numerous benefits and purposes for rehabilitation after surgery, athletic training for optimal performance or benefit the treatment of certain neurological conditions.


  • I suffer from MS and cannot walk for more than 10 minutes at a time without fatigue. With the AlterG, a half hour walk is no problem at all. It feels great to finally get pain free exercise, I couldn’t be happier.

    Joseph L.

    Vancouver, BC

  • My balance and stability have improved drastically! My legs have become much stronger since using this machine. I love the AlterG and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to friends and family.

    Mark P.

    Twawwassen, BC

  • The AlterG has helped me to improve my gate and has given me confidence. In my opinion it is a wonderful rehab device and I feel it should be available for use in every physiotherapy clinic.

    Kelly S.

    Burnaby, BC

  • After a nasty bout of septic arthritis and a 7 week stay in hospital I was told that my chances of walking again were very limited. After just a few months using AlterG I am now back on my feet and only use a cane for long distances. I couldn’t have done it without the AlterG and would recommend it to anyone looking for a speedy recovery.

    Sarah F.

    Burnaby, BC

  • After a session on the AlterG I feel less stiffness, minimized pain levels and I even feel more balanced and sure of my own footing. If I could use the AlterG everyday I’d be very happy!

    Carol M.

    Richmond, BC

  • We've had patients that have Parkinson's who are trying to lengthen their gait and working on their stride.

    John Lowe

    Director Muir Orthopedic Specialists

  • This equipment will revolutionize rehabilitation. The arrival of this technology coincides with the increasing pressure to control healthcare costs by significantly speeding up the recovery process.

    Karen Brown

    Healthcare Practitioner

  • I think it's the best piece of equipment made for running in the last 30 years, the most revolutionary piece of equipment, without a doubt.

    Alberto Salazar

    Professional Trainer

  • The AlterG is a great way to maximize brain plasticity. I love this machine.

    Nancy Byl

    PHD. PT

  • The AlterG has become an integral component of rehabilitation for patients in our clinic with weight bearing restrictions, chondral injuries, and training of elite athletes with overuse injuries.

    Steve Stalzer

    Sport Injuries Specialist

  • Joseph L. - Vancouver, BC
  • Mark P. - Richmond, BC
  • Kelly S. - Vancouver, BC
  • Sarah F. - Burnaby, BC
  • Carol M. - Richmond, BC
  • John Lowe - Director Muir Orthopedic Specialists
  • Karen Brown - Healthcare Practitioner
  • Alberto Salazar - Professional Trainer
  • Nancy Byl - PHD.PT
  • Steve Stalzer - Sport Injuries Specialist

Patented NASA technology enables increased
mobility and pain free movement

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